General conditions



When booking an accommodation, the following general terms and conditions come into force, which regulate the seasonal rental agreement between the customer and the property through the mediation of Alquileres Drac "Dofí Copinya, SL".


The services offered by Alquileres Drac are only the mediation of external services between the contracting party / the customer and the customer’s travel companions and the other contracting party. The contract is concluded on behalf of the owner or manager of the property and is valid for the registered period and for the maximum number of registered people.


Alquileres Drac (Dofí Copinya SL) is a reservation center for holiday accommodation, registered with the Conselleria de Turisme de les Illes Balears under license number CR / 68 / BAL, and meets all legal requirements.


Tax name: Dofí Copinya SL, CIF: B07723950, Plaça Major 11, Santanyí (CP07650)

Customer Service Offices:

-  Cala Santanyí, C/. Cuesta Cueva Drac 15, Cala Santanyí (CP07659) – Usually open from Easter to early November.

-  Santanyí, Plaça Major 11, Santanyí (CP07650) – Open throughout the year.

Phone numbers: 971 645422 and 661 617 209.





Alquileres Drac:

-          undertakes that all necessary steps and formalities are carried out by a competent and experienced employee

-          confirms that the information about the properties listed on our website is correct as stated by the owner or manager of these properties and that virtually all of it is verified by us.

-          guarantees that all advertised properties have a corresponding rental license number.


Alquileres Drac is not responsible in the following cases:

-          Theft in the accommodation.

-          Damage to people or property due to force majeure or unforeseen incidents to which neither Alquiler Drac nor its representatives (key managers) can react.

-          Negligence or failure to provide services that can be attributed to third parties

-          Alquileres Drac is not responsible for force majeure factors.

-          The responsibility of Alquileres Drac is therefore limited to the mediation function according to the scope that it has and that is effectively carried out by it and does not assume any personal responsibility that, according to the law, corresponds to the owner of the seasonal accommodation.



The customer declares to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity to conclude a contract. The customer can make his reservation via our website, the internet search platforms, by telephone, by e-mail or by letter.


Your reservation will be confirmed once the correctly completed reservation form has been received and the first deposit has been paid (payment by credit card or bank transfer of the amount indicated for the reservation).

When making the first payment of the reservation, the customer declares at the same time that he has read and understood the general terms and conditions of Alquileres Drac and accepts them.

In the event of non-payment or delay in payment, Alquileres Drac has the right to cancel the reservation and charge the customer the processing fee as well as sublet the property to another customer.

There are cases when the stay must be paid in full due to the proximity between the day of reservation and the date of entry.

The rest of the payment will be made in accordance with the details in the reservation confirmation email sent to the Customer, but as a general rule, the remaining payment for the rental of a house must be made at least 56 days before the day of arrival and in the case of renting an apartment, at least 42 days before the day of arrival.

Alquileres Drac reserves the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice if the full reservation amount has not been received by the specified time. In this case, the customer cannot claim or request the fulfillment of the reservation or the reimbursement of amounts already paid.



The prices are those published on our website as well as many other platforms that we work with. Alquileres Drac reserves the right to change prices and booking conditions for future reservations without users with already binding reservations being able to claim the new prices or conditions.


The price includes one set of bed linen and towels per person upon arrival. If the customers need a change of towels during their stay, they can request this from Alquileres Drac. For reservations of 8 days or more, the change of towels and bed linen must be agreed in advance with Alquileres Drac.


Additional cleaning during the stay: It is not included in the rental price, but can be purchased at an additional cost.

We recommend bringing beach towels as towels from the house are not allowed to be brought outside of the property and under no circumstances to the beach.



Since 2016, every Mallorca traveler aged 16 and over has to pay a tourist tax (eco tax). The amount of this tax is determined every year. Alquileres Drac will inform you of the current amount on request. This tax is prepaid by bank transfer or on arrival in cash.



Usually, the customer can move into the holiday property on the day of arrival from 4:00 p.m. on and has to leave it on the day of departure before 10.00 a.m.

Whenever possible, the schedules are adapted to the needs of the visitors, but always with prior approval. In some cases a surcharge will be charged if the accommodation can be used until later than agreed in the reservation.


If the accommodation cannot be occupied on the day of arrival due to difficulties during the trip or for personal reasons, or if the stay is shortened, Alquileres Drac will not issue a refund.


Alquileres Drac will send all users basic travel information by email or by accessing our website at least 1 week in advance. For last minute bookings, arrival information will be sent after payment has been received. This information includes: GPS coordinates or full address of the property and/or meeting point, instructions on how to receive or find the keys to the property, the name and phone number of the local contact person, the 24-hour emergency number, and basic instructions on the property.



The customer must request this in writing to the following email address: The date of receipt is decisive and defines the conditions that will be applied and which are set out below.


The following rates apply when customers cancel their final reservation:


- Cancellations more than 8 weeks before the scheduled arrival day, will have no cost.


- For cancellations between 4 and 8 weeks before arrival, the customer loses 30% of the total price of the reservation.

- For cancellations less than 4 weeks before arrival or no-show on the day of booking the customer will lose 100% of the total price of the reservation.




Changes to the reservation:

If the customer informs Alquileres Drac, the original guests of the reservation can be changed.

If the customer wants to change the reservation details (arrival and departure dates), he can request this in writing at Alquileres Drac. Alquileres Drac can then decide whether to accept the change or not and whether or not it is subject to a penalty. In any case, any change in the dates will cost a minimum fee of € 40 plus VAT for administrative expenses, payable immediately to confirm the change in the reservation. In the event that the original reservation has a higher amount than the new reservation, the customer loses the difference and cannot claim it.



Alquileres Drac will never unilaterally cancel a reservation, except in the following cases:

-If the customer fails to make the required payments or deposits in full by the scheduled dates.

-If the customer makes the required payments or deposits with a fraudulent credit card and the payments made are invalid.

-If the customer and/or the reservation holder is under the age of 18 or does not meet one or more requirements of the reservation rules.

In cases where Alquileres Drac cancels a reservation for any of the above reasons, the customer will never have the right to any refund unless the booking is canceled within 24 hours of the reservation being confirmed.


In cases of force majeure or the impossibility of accommodating the customer in the booked accommodation, Alquileres Drac offers the option (if possible) of replacing the accommodation with another with similar characteristics or of canceling the contract by refunding the entire amount paid by the customer.



The occupancy of the accommodation is limited to the number of persons specified in the contract, whereby children over two years are also counted as persons. If the permitted number of people is exceeded, the owner or the key manager can refuse access to the accommodation. If the tenant exceeds the number of people specified in the contract, a surcharge per night will be charged and he can be evicted from the accommodation.


In most properties, the deposit stated in the booking conditions is paid by credit card at the time of arrival (if not earlier). It does not apply to rent. It will be refunded by bank transfer or credit card within a maximum of 7 days from the departure date after checking the accommodation, subject to the following conditions:


-          The first and most important obligation of the customer is to fill out the "Check-in online" form, in which he provides the personal details of the residents of the house. This regulation applies in all countries of the European Union and is enforced by Organic Law 4/2015 of March 30th for the Protection of Citizen Security - Article 25.1- (BOE No. 77 of March 31st) and by Decree 393/1974 of February 7th on the identification and registration of the users of certain tourist facilities and those who rent vehicles with or without a driver (BOE No. 43, dated February 19).

-          No damage was caused to the house or the furniture.

-          The renter does not incur any fees for illegal activities, pets or fines.

-          All waste was moved from the accommodation to the next container. If this is not done, an amount of € 30 will be deducted from the deposit.

-          All keys/controls for electric doors and gates are deposited on the kitchen table/counter and the property is left locked. If the key is missing, € 80 per lost key will be deducted as we have to change the lock.

-          Remote controls for garages and electrical appliances are in the house.

-          That the tenant does not have to be evicted from the accommodation by the landlord or the police.

-          Do not throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper. Do not throw compresses or moist wipes in the toilet, they could clog it and the drain cleaning fee is € 200.


If the tenant causes damage to the accommodation that is higher than the deposit paid, he must pay the difference immediately after receipt of the total amount of the damage caused and the corresponding invoice from Alquileres Drac.


The tenant/customer is obliged to leave the accommodation in a clean and presentable condition. This includes (for orientation, not limiting) that the dishes must be clean and in their place, the refrigerator must be free of leftovers and rubbish must be disposed of.

The tenant must respect the neighbors and the rules of the community of owners to which the property belongs. In the event of negligence or inappropriate behavior, Alquileres Drac and the owner reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case, Alquileres Drac is not obliged to reimburse the rental amount paid by the customer.


The tenant is asked to check the inventory of the rented property upon arrival and inform the owner, landlord or manager within 24 hours about any problems or faults so that appropriate changes or arrangements can be made.


Any problems found in the property must be reported immediately and identified by Alquileres Drac or the owner. Subsequent complaints cannot be taken into account and a reduction in the agreed rental price cannot be requested.


Both the customer and his companions must take care of the property and its facilities. Any damage or defects occurring during use must be reported to the owner as quickly as possible and the items replaced if necessary.


The rooms, facilities or areas that are not listed in the property description may not be used by customers and their companions.


Celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms, communions, anniversaries, etc., in which more people attend than live in the house, may not be celebrated without the prior written consent of the owner or manager. If the owner or manager realizes that any of the above activities have been carried out without authorization to do so, they have the right to withhold the entire security deposit received, as well as claim additional compensation, and customers must leave the house immediately leave.


Pets are not allowed in the holiday home, nor are tents, caravans, etc. in the accommodation. If any of the above occurs, the owner or manager has the right to withhold the entire security deposit and customers must leave the house without claiming any amount.



Any reservation with incorrect information will be charged and the rental of the period cannot be guaranteed.



Exceptions must be communicated in writing. Exceptions are check-in or check-out hours outside of the hours specified in the reservation conditions.



Complaint forms are available to customers.



It is recommended that customers purchase travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip. Alquileres Drac is not responsible for any unforeseen events that occur for the customer and prevent him from traveling to the scheduled dates.

All accommodations must have the insurance coverage of an accommodation liability insurance with a minimum coverage of up to € 300,000 per claim and personal injuries occurring during the user's stay, provided that the user fulfills the necessary requirements for compensation in accordance with the regulations in force at the time of the claim. This insurance is not travel or cancellation insurance and it is the sole responsibility of each owner to have valid insurance in place.



With the reservation of an accommodation, the above-mentioned general conditions come into force, which regulate the seasonal rental agreement between the customer and the accommodation. Alquileres Drac acts as an intermediary between the customer/tenant and the owner of the accommodation and is responsible for the correct implementation of the mediation, which is carried out in accordance with the applicable laws.

These general terms and conditions and the contract between the customer / tenant and the accommodation are governed, interpreted and executed according to Spanish law and submitted to the competent Spanish courts and any other jurisdiction is expressly waived.