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We place our extensive experience in Project Management at your disposal. Our experienced and qualified personnel takes over the supervision and control from small renovations to new construction.


  • Initially we advise you on choosing the most approriate architect for your planned project.
  • Once the architect is chosen, we closely work with him to make sure that your plans and ideas are implemented.
  • It is very important to obtain detailed specifications to avoid deviations from financial resources, individual taste or planned design.
  • Afterwards we request several estimates of costs from construction companies with many years of experience and proven competence.
  • We analyze the obtained estimates and advise you on choosing the most advantageous, in consideration of the variables and options in each estimate and each construction company.
  • We draw up a contract which encloses the most important points of the building process and which covers you versus the unforeseeable troubles that might emerge during the works.
  • We supervise the building process together with the architect and the engineer.
  • We constantly hold meetings with the parties involved in the building, to sort out potential problems and to talk over modifications and contingencies.
  • We keep sending you information and pictures about the development of the building works. You can also follow the building process on our website.
  • We are the link between you and the construction company and make sure that the construction company disposes of all information at any time, both on your part and on the part of the architect, for a smooth flow of the building project.
  • We rate the building process together with the construction company to ensure that the payments comply with the contractual arrangements.
  • After completion of the construction works we present you the completed project and discuss any.
  • Collaboration with the construction company and the architect to obtain the official acceptance of construction.
  • During a reasonable period of time after completion of the construction works, we keep supervising the building to ensure that the installations are working properly.

Of course, such a project requires a lot of commitment and a patient cooperation between you as owner, the architect, the engineer, the construction company and other professionals, so that we can ensure that the project is accomplished to your complete satisfaction.To avoid unwanted surprises and misunderstandings, we set a rate for our services in advance, according to the total amount of the building project.